At Bayview College we believe education is a holistic experience, engaging all aspects of the students being.Every student is a unique individual who learns in their own way, in their own timing. Our curriculum reflects this, offering students a breadth of experiences while allowing sufficient time and space to engage deeply in the course content

Bayview College students have the opportunity to select from a diverse range of electives from Year 8 onwards.

IN THE FIELD It is time to get out and investigate what is going on in our community!

IN THE FIELD focuses on 3 different issues occurring in Portland and the region, investigating what is happening, completing fieldwork and coming up with some solutions or answers. The first issue involved snorkelling in Portland Bay and Bridgewater Bay to investigate what is happening to our fish. The second issue, currently being investigated, involves finding out why some people living in our town have very little. The third is the issue will be selected by the students. We often need to ask the hard questions to ensure we develop our understanding of, and role, as a global citizen. This elective is developing an understanding of environmental and social change within Portland and the surrounding region. Last week IN THE FIELD students made soup, and sold as a lunch option for students. The funds raised will go towards Portland Salvation Army.

This week IN THE FIELD students will take a walk in the shoes of the homeless by “sleeping rough” to gain empathy and a broader understanding of the issues facing those who find themselves without a roof over their heads. If you would like more information about the electives offered by Bayview College please contact Mr Zac Jeffries on 5523 1042

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