Bayview College is committed to significantly improving the lives of young people by transforming the education experience for students at the school level and contributing to educational debate beyond. To assist this process, we have joined the Future Schools Alliance; an organisation working with schools to accomplish these shared objectives.
Bayview College and FSA both support the development of Future Schools where learning environments;

• Are flexible and adapt quickly to the needs of young people.
• Have deep, genuine, ongoing and seamless integration with family and broader communities.
• Actively support success for all young people.
• Maximise the benefit of high-quality adults in the lives of young people.
• Encourage co-constructed learning opportunities for all learning community members.
• Empower all members of the learning community.
• Encourage the exploration and development of self.
• Develop core skills to equip young people for the exponential age.

We look forward to the months ahead, when we will grow a school-wide culture of innovation and new ideas.

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