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Bayview College Library provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere for both research and quiet reading.

We offer students access to technology for research with online access to a number of databases. Laptop computers are available and our digital projector enables teacher directed online access for classes.

We encourage students to read widely and our fiction collection is extensive and growing. This collection is shelved according to genre, enabling students to find books of their liking housed together.

During lunchtimes we offer a number of activities to cater for a variety of student needs. The students can become part of the chess team or play a number of other games which are available to them. They may also read quietly or work on their homework.

We issue new fiction twice each term and we encourage students to come in and browse and also to write a quick review which we will feature on the school library website.

Our Book Club meets regularly to discuss and share insights about a range of books that are being read by members.

On Wednesday Afternoons the Library is a hub of activity as students choose to be part of Period 7 – a homework club with access to a number of teachers who are willing to assist with revision, homework or tutoring in areas of need.

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