Open and honest conversations are the best ways to achieve understanding within a community and resolution to real or perceived problems. I really appreciate students and parents sharing their thoughts, ideas, concerns and suggestions with me as it enables me to develop a deeper appreciation for what is important to our College community now and into the future. I have always maintained an “Open Door” policy and will continue to welcome respectful dialogue around issues relevant to the education of the young people in our care. .
Recently almost 50% of Bayview families took part in the survey “Mobile Phones – Where to Next?” which was designed to ascertain Bayview parent views on the Mobile Phone policy debate following the declaration that there would be a universal ban in the government school sector. Thank you for taking the time to complete it and for sharing your views for change, against change and in support of the status quo. The next phase of the consultation process will engage with staff where the results of the survey will be reviewed and a way forward for 2020 will be developed that is in the best interests of the school community and is reflective the communities expressed need.
So to another opportunity to share your opinion. Every 3 years we participate in the LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys which are made for the Independent education sector by the sector. It is the most comprehensive survey platform available. The LEAD surveys to Bayview College with high-quality tools to self-evaluate, plan and continuously improve in order to realise our full potential. Students, Staff and Parents are all asked to complete the relevant survey over the coming weeks. Students will be provided with the link and time at school complete their survey.
Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to access the survey via the link sent to families in an email, as your opinion counts and the survey data is used to inform our short and long term planning.
Bayview is proud of supporting pre-service teachers and helping them establish themselves in the profession. We as a school community gain as much from their new ideas as we can give them from our experience. We are embarking on a slightly different journey this semester by offering a placement to a Flinders University student who is undertaking a Masters of Social Work. This pre-service professional will be working with the Wellbeing team in a range of programs for the remainder of the year.
A reminder that it is vital that students/parents/guardians complete the subject selection process, which includes a meeting to develop and update each students Personal Learning Plan. Families have a choice of 5 senior staff members, times and days over the next 8 days. Should you find that none of the options suit you, please contact Jill Goldsworthy, who will be able to assist.

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