Educational Tours

The impact an educational tour can have on students is immeasurable. Beyond the fun and adventure are incredible educational, social and interpersonal benefits that students can experience from travelling, including better academic performance, a global perspective, confident, new friends, networking, growth and independence. 

Japanese exchange

  • Bayview has had an active exchange program since 2004.
  • Each Year Students have an opportunity to either host a student from Osaka Nishi Senior High School, or to participate in an exchange trip to Japan. This wonderful program not only enables our students to further develop their mastery of Japanese, but also to get a taste of Japanese culture.
  • We have had a Sister School relationship with Osaka Nishi Senior High School since 2016 and this is the third school we have partnered with in the last two decade. With overseas trips held every second year.  

Students With a Cause – SWAC

Students with a Cause (SWAC) is an experiential learning opportunity designed to provide Bayview Year 12 students with an understanding of service in overseas communities. SWAC is held during the Term Two holidays, after mid year exams,  and involves students spending nine days volunteering and learning in local community development projects as well as exploring the culture, sights, sounds & flavours of the community.

For a decade the SWAC program visited Vietnam. In 2019 we have changed our focus and the program is visiting Cambodia and we are partnering with Rotary International in the Kravanh District where they are working with the local school community.  Through the program we hope to provide students with the chance to learn from the people and programs that their funding supports with the aim to inspire them to live, travel, and give more responsibly, as well as realize their own potential to create positive change. The program also provides students with renewed focus and commitment to their final semester of studies as they complete their secondary schooling.

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