Bayview College is proud to have served the people of Portland for over 130 years providing continuous Christian education on Bentinck street. Since its inception first as Loreto College, then Christian Community College and now Bayview College the school has continued to prosper. From humble beginnings to a school which can boast of having a strong track record of the care and academic achievement.

Our School is part of the fabric of this community, a living, breathing history that has contributed to the shaping of this region.

Our focus is on developing each individual student’s confidence, self-knowledge and skills. Our holistic approach to education challenges each young man and young woman to grow academically, socially, physically and spiritually.

We strongly maintain that when our students’ personal wellbeing is attended to, it is then that they are able to achieve academic excellence. We are committed to work closely with students and their families to provide excellence in student wellbeing.

As the students’ progress through school, they are given increasing choice in developing their learning pathways. Under the guidance of our staff, they begin to develop and refine their career aspirations. This gradual process enables our young people to make informed choices about their senior secondary years where they can choose to undertake VCE, VET or VCAL programs.

We are proud of our consistent record of excellent results, among the best in the district. Our VCE graduates confidently take their place in tertiary courses in their chosen fields. Our VCAL and VET students successfully move into apprenticeships, the workforce and other training programs. The range of pathways that the students aspire to, and achieve, is truly wonderful.

I trust that you will enjoy your “virtual tour” of Bayview College and I welcome and encourage you to visit us first hand to see what is so special about our College. We hope that by visiting our website you can “glimpse” all that we have to offer at our wonderful school.

It is our prayer that all our students will come to know God’s love and that all will seek to be the best they can be and make a positive contribution to their family and their work, and their communities.

Dr. Michelle Kearney

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