Service Learning
The Service Learning program links specific learning outcomes with genuine opportunities for service in the community.

Bayview College has a vision for each student to be a courageous, constructive and compassionate world citizen with a will to serve.

Service Learning is embedded in the School’s curriculum, and students apply their classroom knowledge to the planning and implementation of their service activities. The experiential nature of these activities encourages the learner to make connections, often over several subject areas, deepening their understanding of the material and building relationships with community members.

Students also experience Service Learning in various activities held throughout the year, including Raising funds for charitable organisations through cake stalls and other events, and through participating in community events such as the Relay for Life.

The program aims to:

Foster an enriched sense of social responsibility that will extend to all areas of the Bayview community.
Develop in students a sense of the connectedness of all living things and provide opportunities to experience that connectedness through service.
Service Learning focuses on reciprocal benefit and students are provided with opportunities to think critically and creatively as they work with community partners. Reflection activities help to measure students’ understanding, allowing them a chance to share their feelings, internalise new concepts, evaluate the impact of the activities , and provide powerful opportunities for personal, cognitive and spiritual growth.

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