Schoolies with a Cause

Students at Bayview College are looking for a meaningful way to conclude their years of schooling where they can celebrate their friendships and learning journey, but also ‘give back’ to society. At Bayview College we want our young people to be part of creating change, therefore we have developed, in conjunction with our students, a program where students can participate in a social justice program that makes a real difference to a community in a third world country. We believe that this program has multiple benefits including:

*Preparing the student for the wider world
*Preparing the student to meet new challenges
*Expanding the students’ experience outside their hometown
*Encouraging leadership and decision making
*Increasing confidence with overseas travel

This program allows young people to see themselves as part of a society, community, movement, and other things larger than themselves. It is important for our adult community to see our young people grow and develop into responsible adults in a positive way

Every young person should have the opportunity to become engaged in powerful, purposeful, and positive social change. Project Partners have the opportunity to support a program for young people to help create a new generation of leaders with a social conscious.

“Schoolies with a Cause” is open for students who are completing Year 12.

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