At every phase of the Bayview College journey our students are encouraged to step beyond the confines of the traditional classroom and experience learning in a range of contexts.

When stepping outside the gates of Bayview College, whether it be into the semi-wilderness or a range of urban landscapes, Bayview’s experiential learning activities provide our students with opportunities to:

  • be guided by their moral compass;
  • live out the School’s values when faced with uncertain and challenging situations; and,
  • consider and develop their capacity to work individually and with others in an independent, resilient, responsible, compassionate, creative and optimistic way.
  • Throughout their time at Bayview, every student has the opportunity to participate in a range of activities including incursions, excursions, outdoor education camps, retreats, international exchanges, the Great South West Challenge and Urban Camp experiences. Students also have the opportunity to experience life further afield with travel to a range of locations including, the Victorian Alps, Japan, and Vietnam.
The Year 7 students have a three day Orientation Camp at Robe, South Australia from 2019 at the beginning of the year. In this picturesque setting, the students undertake a range of Outdoor Education and Team Building activities, are introduced to the College values and commence the building of strong relationships that will have a positive impact on their learning activities when they return to school.
Three-day Adventure Camp at Pritchards Landing, Glenelg River. This camp provides students with the opportunity to learn the camp craft, work at their cooperative abilities and explore part of their local environment which they may not be familiar with. Activities include bushwalking, canoeing, fishing & snorkelling.
Four Day Urban Experience in the city of Melbourne. Staying in the heart of the city, students learn to navigate the public transport system, discover Melbourne’s creative sub-cultures as part of “Arts Connect” and learn what life is like for the homeless of the city. A visit to CERES provides students with insight to the sustainable food movement while a stopover at Werribee Zoo on the way home engages students in a conversation around saving Australia’s endangered species.
Ten days Great South West Challenge. This challenge utilises skills in cycling, hiking and canoeing.  In this challenge, students will complete the entire 250 KM Great South West Walk. Now in its 26th year running the GSWC has become something of a rite of passage among Bayview College students and marks the transition from Year 10 into the Senior Secondary Years.
Five day Ski Camp at Mt Hotham. Students have the option of skiing or snowboarding while on camp. Lessons cater to varying skill levels and enable students to have a rewarding snow experience.
All students attend the Annual Careers Expo held in Melbourne and as part of this trip, a series of visits to a range of Universities is undertaken.
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