Student Enrolments

Families interested in enrolling their son or daughter at Bayview College are encouraged to complete the Application for Enrolment form. Bayview College accepts enrolments into all year levels, at anytime of the year.

Prior to making the decision to enrol there are many ways that families can learn more about the College, its programs and educational opportunities. Our regular Open Days, Information Evenings, and ‘Student for a Day’ program are designed to provide families with detailed information and a ‘taste’ of the Bayview College Community.

Families applying for enrolment are all invited to an informal meeting with the Principal to discuss the individual needs of their son or daughter. This is the beginning of the partnership between the family and the school and assists in a smooth transition into Bayview College.

Bayview College, like other Independent Schools, has an inclusive enrolment policy and will ensure that the enrolment process for students with special requirements is collaborative and supportive both to the family, student and college. Bayview College is inclusive of physical, social/emotional, Intellectual disability, visual or hearing Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Language Impairment and/or giftedness and open to enrolment from all schools in the district.

In addition, to ensuring that information is shared and appropriate arrangements are made to include the student in the educational setting, the Inclusion Coordinator is invited to support the enrolment process.

Important steps for parents of students with special needs to take before enrolment:

  1. Telephone Bayview College to obtain an Inclusion Information Booklet
  2. Make an appointment with the Principal and Inclusion Coordinator to discuss your student’s educational needs and the educational program the school can offer.
  3. Provide written permission for Bayview College to obtain information from Primary Schools or Secondary Schools attended.
  4. Provide any relevant history of your child’s education needs.

Please Note: All medical reports, psychologist and speech therapist testing should be current and up-to-date.


The transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for students as they commence the next stage of their educational journey leading to new experiences and challenges and it coincides with early adolescence. At Bayview College, we understand this is a time when many students are developing rapidly – physically, intellectually and emotionally. They are experiencing all these changes while at the same time trying to establish their independence and place in the world.

Successful transition from primary to secondary school comes when both the parents and the school are involved. Our Orientation program provides your family with an opportunity to gradually become familiar with the people, the place and programs available at our School.

eDay: Experience, Extend, Evolve is a program that we are introduced in 2014 for students enrolled in the two Christian Primary Schools in Portland. During eDay, the grade 5 classes relocate to the Bayview College Campus and experience the “rhythm of a secondary school “. Regardless of whether the student chooses to enrol at Bayview College, we believe that this program will provide them with skills and knowledge to prepare them successfully for secondary school.

We continue to host the Grade 6 Discovery Day. Every Grade 6 student in the district is invited to come and spend a day at Bayview College and take part in a range of activities that are designed to introduce them to the programs that we offer. This fun day enables each young person to get a taste of secondary school alongside their primary school friends.

We also tailor an individual Student for a Day for students contemplating enrolment at any stage throughout the year and for any year level. Student for a Day assists students in two ways: 1- as part of the transition from Primary to Secondary; 2 – to see and feel the culture of the College.


On Orientation Day in December, Year 6 students who have enrolled at the College will have an opportunity to meet their peers, buddies and teachers as they become familiar with the school grounds and to experience a typical day at school.

Upon starting Year 7, all students participate in the Orientation camp. This provides a fantastic opportunity for students to get to know their teachers and peers outside of the classroom environment. The camp focuses on team building and outdoor education activities, as well as an introduction to the values and expectations of the College.

Our commitment is to ensure that every young person achieves their full potential and by taking these progressive steps we know that our students will have the best start position.

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