• School Dress – knee length with plain white socks-above the ankle or knee length


  • Blue school polo shirt & grey shorts or grey trousers with grey socks with blue stripes with shorts/trousers. Belt – plain grey or black (optional)
  • School Jumper
  • Plain black polishable shoes or T-bar sandals
  • School Bucket Hat
  • Plain white short sleeved T-shirt may be worn as an undergarment
  • School Blazer
  • Optional Bayview College rain jacket


  • School kilt (knee length) or long grey trousers
  • White shirt with school tie
  • School Jumper
  • Grey socks with blue stripes or grey tights
  • Plain black polishable shoes or T-bar sandals
  • Plain blue or grey scarves are permitted with the winter uniform
  • School Blazer
  • Bayview College rain jacket (optional)

PE Uniform

  • Yellow school polo Shirt
  • Blue Shorts
  • Optional school Tracksuit
  • Bucket Hat

All items should be clearly labelled with your name.


  • Hair must be neat and well cared for.
  • No facial hair
  • Extreme hair styles and unnatural colours are not accepted.
  • Hair longer than collar length MUST be tied back. Blue or yellow hair tie may be worn.
  • Make-up and Nail Polish IS NOT to be worn.
  • No visible tattoos
  • Only the following are permitted jewellery:
    • Watch;
    • A single plain ring;
    • A single plain silver or gold bracelet;
    • Students may also wear one earring in each ear. For safety reasons, they should not be large hoops or dangly
    • Students may wear one necklace
    • A single chain only, not chunky
    • No facial piercings are permitted
  • Out of Uniform? – New Polo shirts, PE uniform, school bags and bucket hats are available from the College also coats and blazers may be ordered. Other items can usually be purchased from Squidlydids store in Percy Street.
  • There are also many items available to purchase from our second-hand uniform store.
  • Purchasing – A note in the diary from your parent/guardian must be brought to your Care Group Teacher stating the reason for being out-of-uniform and the duration.
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