All Bayview College students have access to the key learning areas of English, Faith & Values, Mathematics,  Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Technology, Visual & Performing Arts and LOTE:Japanese during the Years 7-10 learning program.

Year 7 has a prescribed approach to learning areas whereby all students study all areas to ensure a breadth of learning is achieved. In Year 8 the level of flexibility increases as students begin to refine their interests and make elective choices. From Year 9, students have the option to study a ‘Pre-VCE’ subject to prepare them for accelerated entry into VCE in Year 10.

Bayview College students from Year’s 7-10 students develop a Personal Learning Program (PLP) with a mentor teacher and their parents/guardians. The PLP encourage students to look ahead in their educational journey to carefully map out the areas they wish to study to broaden their vocational horizons and extend personal interests. Subjects offered at Bayview College provide strong foundations for further study, vocational studies or work. From Year 8, students can choose to continue their study of LOTE:Japanese. Students who continue their LOTE studies into the Senior Years have the opportunity to participate in an exchange program to Japan and distinct advantages in VCE.

In Years 8, 9 and 10, students begin to specialise and are able to pursue their passions by selecting elective subjects from within the Visual and Performing Arts, Food Technology, Information Technology, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Science learning areas. 

Students who have demonstrated a strong work ethic and consistent academic progress can elect to work at an advanced level and begin VCE studies whilst in Year 10, or commence a VET Certificate through South West TAFE. Students who take this option have the capacity to broaden their choices for future study.

Year 11 and 12, students select from a broad range of VCE studies and attend seminars for Faith and Values. Students can also choose to undertake VCAL studies or a School Based Apprenticeship as part of their academic program.

At Bayview College we believe that learning is a fulfilling and life-long process.

It is enhanced and nurtured by:

  • Interaction with parents
  • Respect and friendship between students and teachers
  • An acceptance that each student is an individual
  • Opportunities for parents to contribute to the learning process
  • Caring, motivated, skilled and qualified teachers
  • Systematic monitoring and regular reporting of student progress
  • A contribution to the community outside the academic program

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