Year 8, 9 and 10 Electives

In order to offer Bayview College students the widest range of subjects during the elective program, a two-year rotation of subjects is utilized. This allows students to select their most desirable subjects each year from the below listing of courses.  Subjects listed in italics may be chosen by Year 8, 9 or 10 students. All other subjects are available to Years 9 and 10 students only. Subjects with an asterisk* next to them may be undertaken twice as different content is covered each semester.

Students in Year 10 have the opportunity to undertake an Accelerated VCE subject. In order to prepare for this students should undertake the relevant ‘Pre-VCE’ preparation subject during their Year 9 electives and ensure they are achieving a Distinction average in their grades. A student who excels in a particular subject area may wish to study a Pre-VCE subject during Year 8 in order to attempt a Unit 1 VCE subject during Year 9. Minimum grades must be achieved to access this.

Health and Physical Education

Pre-VCE: Global Health

Let’s Get Physical

Pre-VCE: Higher, Faster, Stronger

Sport Nation

Pre-VCE: Outdoor Education – Land

Surf Life Saving

First Aid

Humanities & Social Science

Kids, Cops & Cars


Race Matters

Tyrants and Dictators

Law Abiding Citizens

Manga Mania

Built to Last

Science (STEM)

Game Design

Let’s Experiment

Adaptations, Survival & Evolution

Science Solutions

Get Psyched

Marine Science

Infinite Possibilities – Exploring Maths

Pre-VCE Biology

Pre-VCE Chemistry

Pre-VCE Physics

Product and Digital Technology 

Food Technology: Farm to Plate

Food Technology: Hospitality 

Food Technology: Taste of Asia

Technology: Textiles Fashion Design

Technology – Textiles: Design & Creation*

Design & Technology – Folky Chair*

Design & Technology – Blue Tooth Speaker 

Pre-VCE PDT (Textiles)*

Pre-VCE PDT (Wood)*

Visual and Performing Arts

Exploring Theatre

Performing Arts

Media Studies

Rock Band

Digital Photography

2D Studies

Sculpture, Ceramics & 3D Studies

Visual Communication Design: Industrial Design

Pre-VCE Studio Arts

Language and Literature
Advanced English
Year 9 Japanese
Year 10 Japanese

Integrated Studies

Be Resourceful

Life Matters

Criminal Forensics

Future Proof


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