The circle which encloses the design has long been used as a Christian symbol. Without beginning or end, it represents God or eternity and is particularly appropriate to the ecumenical nature of the College.

The anchor-cross is one of the earliest forms of Christian symbolism. The cross representing Christ is depicted as emanating from the crest, the symbol of Mary. For us, the anchor-cross unites happily our Christian profession and our local background, at the same time linking the College from the school from which it sprang.

The breaking wave may be seen as continuing the nautical theme contained in the anchor. The wave also carries our thoughts towards the future, thus balancing the anchor which brings to mind the best traditions of the past.

Taken together, the circle, anchor-cross and wave represent the totality of God’s handiwork. They depict the creation of heaven and earth and the firmament dividing the waters as recorded in Genesis. The median bar enhances this symbolism.

All design elements are drawn strictly as they have appeared since the earliest days of Christianity, and together they reflect both the interdenominational aspiration of the College and the essence of our faith and hope as Christians

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