The constitution of the Christian Community College Portland ltd, trading as Bayview College, states the objects of the college. These include to establish, register, operate and maintain a co-educational Christian Community College:

(i) for the purpose of providing education and instruction for all enrolled pupils irrespective of means; and

(ii) for the teaching and study of the religious doctrines of each Participating Church; where no decision binding on the College or an officer of the College shall be taken or implemented that contravenes the religious tenets of a Participating Church.

To establish an educational environment in which each student may develop an understanding of the central truths of the Christian faith; the moral values that are rooted in the Gospels, and people’s relationship to God and their fellow human beings, and to provide a program of religious studies, including the traditions and values and teachings of each Participating Church.

To guide each pupil towards a spirit of freedom and confidence which recognises self- discipline and personal responsibility. To foster a program which encourages the growth of its pupils into personal, social, and moral maturity.

To foster in the student an awareness of and an appreciation of the natural environment.

To develop in teachers, parents and pupils a mutual awareness of what it means to be a member of a community.

Participating Churches are Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting, together with the Loreto Sisters.

We are proudly a Christian College focusing on the growth of the individual, enriching his or her faith and values, nourishing the Spirit, developing the intellect and challenging them physically.

Bayview College supports and actively promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy and endorses the commitment to:

  • The elected government of the day
  • The rule of law, according to the constitution of Australia
  • Equal rights for all citizens before the law
  • Freedom of religion and practices within the Vision and Mission of the College, the College Constitution and the policies on Behaviour and Code of Conduct
  • Freedom of speech and association, according to the Australian constitution, within the framework of our commitment to Compassion, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility
  • Values of openness and tolerance and respect for the right of individuals to grow, mature and learn within all of the above
  • Students having access to programs that assist them to realise their learning potential and achieve their best
  • Students are provided with the skills and aptitudes to be lifelong learners
  • Parents and guardians are partners in their sons/daughters learning journey.


The board comprises one member from Loreto and each of the six participating Churches, two parent members, two elected members and one-co-opted member. The participating Churches are; Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran and Uniting.

Current Board Members are;

  • Rev Fr Greg Tait (Chair)
  • Andrew Morecroft (Acting Deputy Chair)
  • Jacinta Johnson (Exec Member)
  • Margaret Donald
  • Jonathan Rulton
  • Andreena Hockley
  • Lilja Sigurpalsdottir
  • Maureen Ryan

Committees of the Board are;


  • Jacinta Johnson (Chair), Andreena Hockley, Andrew Morecroft, Michelle Kearney, Michael Crowe

Christian Identity

  • Greg Tait (Chair), Wendy Morecroft, Jonathon Rulton, Elizabeth Clements (Chaplain), Maree Rulton, Michelle Kearney


  • Margaret Donald (Chair), Jonathon Rulton, Lilja Sigurpalsdottir, Michael Crowe, Michelle Kearney 

Audit & Risk

  • Paul Ould (Chair), Greg Tait, Michael Crowe, Michelle Kearney

The Chair of the Board and Principal are ex-officio members of all Board Committees

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