Click here  for the Student Code of Conduct

Click here for the Parent Code of Conduct

Click here for the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Policy

Click here for Child Protection 2023

Click here for the Child Safety Code of Conduct 2023

Click here  for Child Safety Commitment Statement 2023

Click here  for First Aid Policy 2023

Click here  for Grievance Policy and Procedures

Click here  for Managing Violence 2023

Click here  for Positive Relationships Policy (Anti Bullying) 2023

Click here  for Student Use of Illicit Drugs

Click here  for Student Use of Alcohol Use

Click here  for Student Smoking, Vaping and e-Cigarettes

Click here  for Restorative Practices and Behaviour Management Guidelines 2023

Click here for Child-Friendly Behaviour Tracking Flowchart 

Click here  for Safe and Inclusive Learning Community Policy 2023

Click here  for Student Attendance Policy

Click here  for Student Supervision Policy

Click here  for Working With Children Policy 2023

Click here  for Enrolment Policy

Click here  for the Volunteer Code of Conduct

Click here  for the Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Click here  for the Child Friendly Child Safe Policy

Click here for Public Facing Procedures for Managing Child Safety Incidents or Concerns at, or Involving the School or its Staff

Click here for PROTECT 4 Critical Actions

Click here for Responding to Student Sexual Offending


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